About Tiska Ely, Newmarket & Soham

The Ely, Newmarket and Soham Shotokan Karate Clubs are family clubs that were established over 10 years ago. The club has students ranging from the age of 4 up to an adult level, where all ages are mixed in classes together maintaining a good family atmosphere.

In the lessons we cover three main areas:

·         Kihon (Basics)

·         Kata (Forms)

·         Kumite (Sparring)

As well as covering these three areas we focus on building fitness in lessons, whilst still enjoying training. Throughout the year gradings are held regularly, where students take an exam for their next grade, with many young students this promotes self confidence and a sense of achievement.


Aside from gradings there is also an annual competition held internally, which gives students the opportunity to compete against other members of TISKA from around the country.

Classes in Ely, Newmarket and Soham

The Club Instructor

The resident instructor in Ely, Newmarket and Soham Shotokan Karate club is Mrs Stockley, a 5th Dan black belt who has been training for over 25years with TISKA.

Mrs Stockley and her son began their training at Kettering Shotokan Karate club under TISKA's Chief Instructor Shihan Sahota  (8th Dan), later her daughter also joined. Since, Mrs Stockley has continued her training and she has achieved the level of 5th Dan black belt (Godan) at a course held in La Manga, Spain 2018. 

As Mrs Stockley has always trained in Shotokan Karate with her family, this idea has been maintained through all of her clubs where she promotes a good family atmosphere where all students train hard, keeping fit and having fun. 

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